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NOV 18, 2011 – JAN 1, 2012

By Bill Cain

Directed by Bill Rauch
Illustration by Tim O'Brien

in the Kreeger Theater


“A ‘true history.’ How could there be anything true about a play?”
– Judith, Equivocation

From the Wings

A Tale of Two Bills textvideo
Delve into the exciting collaboration of two innovative artists

Q & A with Anthony Heald textphotos
Get to know Anthony Heald

The Unequivocal Bill Cain textphotos
Equivocation playwright Bill Cain’s shares his thoughts on the role of the writer in American theatre in an interview with Marin Theatre Company’s Literary Manager and Dramaturg, Margot Melcon.

Spotlight On…

William Shakespeare: Man and Mythtextphotos
Uncover the mystery behind the beloved Bard

Shakespeare’s England: 1606 text
Experience the social mores of Shakespeare’s England

Mary Called It Catholicism/Elizabeth Called It Protestantism textphotos
Investigate the religious turmoil of Tudor and Stuart England

Grasping at the Truth: A History of the Gunpowder Plot textphotos
Go behind the scenes of one of the most notable events in English history

Soldier, Straw-man, and Symbol: Remembering Guy Fawkes textphotos
Unmask the face behind the Gunpowder Plot

This Strange Intelligence textphotos
Explore King James’ fascination with witchcraft

What Lies Beneath... textphotos
Trace the many connotations of equivocation throughout history

Treason? It’s Literary Criticism! text
Does Equivocation mirror reality? Learn about the origins of the Scottish play from Stanford professor and general editor of The Pelican Shakespeare, Stephen Orgel

Robert Cecil: A Political Dynastytextphotos
Journey through the political legacy of the Cecil family

Out of Time textphotos
Discover the uses of anachronisms in Equivocation and You, Nero

Human vs. Hero photos
Dissect the meaning of hero in Equivocation and You, Nero

Pens, Paints and Power textphotos
Learn about the relationship between art and state throughout history


Fair Is Foul and Foul Is Fair textphotos
Curious about Shakespeare’s infatuation with death and violence? Check out a roster of his greatest “hits”

OSF’s Equivocation Library textlinkphotos
Interested in digging deeper? Check out Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s recommended reading list

Equivocation Study Guide textphotos
Peruse our comprehensive study guide, developed by Arena Stage’s Community Engagement Department.

Extras & Insights is funded, in part, by a grant from the National Endowment of the Humanities.

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