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The Arabian Nights

JAN 14 – FEB 20, 2011

Extras & Insights

O Sister, tell us one of your tales of marvel. Tell it now!
Gladly, and as a duty, if the great and courteous king permits.
[A long pause.]
It is permitted.

From the Wings

Devising Theater: Mary Zimmerman's Process photosvideotext
Learn about director Mary Zimmerman's unique creative process.
"The Archeology of Performance" photostext
Mary Zimmerman discusses scripts, sets, and more.

Spotlight On…

Arabia, Persia, the Middle East: A Legendary History photostext
Uncover the rich past that serves as a backdrop to The Arabian Nights.
Tell Me a Tale: The Tradition of Story Telling photosvideotext
Gather round and uncover the origins of telling tales.
From Market to Palace: Arabic Culture in The Arabian Nights photostext
Delve into the politics, arts, and economy of the Islamic Golden Age.
First Nights: Origin of the Epic Stories photostext
Read about the 1,001 Arabian Nights winding path into the literary canon.


1,001 Takes on 1,001 Tales: Adaptations of Arabian Nights videotext
Explore the many film adaptations of the classic stories.
Visual Brilliance: The Works of Mary Zimmerman videotextlink
Discover the beauty of Mary Zimmerman’s work firsthand.

American Voices

Mary Zimmerman

“I’ve always loved fairytales. I think they perhaps led me to theater rather than the other way around. As a child I wanted to invent a machine that could record my dreams, so I could watch them in the morning. Theater is that machine. I can make these images come to life and actually walk around inside them for a while.”

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