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APR 22 – JUN 5, 2011

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Yes, have another beer, my friend
Wipe away the angry tears, my friend
Get drunk and foolish on the moment,
Brush aside the day’s heavy judgment.

Cuz you come here to forget,
You say drive away all regret.
And dance like it’s the ending
The ending of the war.

  — Sophie, Ruined

From the Wings

Crumbs for the Table of Wisdom: Lynn Nottage textvideo
Meet the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and activist behind Ruined.
Soul Survivors: Ruined and Mother Courage textphotos
Uncover Lynn Nottage’s inspiration for Ruined.

Spotlight On…

A Nation of Resilience: A Brief History of the DRC textphotos
Journey through the complex history of the setting for Ruined.
A Country Speaks text
Parlez vous Lingala? Hear more about the diversity of languages of the Congo.
The Heart of Darkness in the DRC: The Ituri Conflict text
Investigate the conflicts in the Ituri province that led to the Second Congo War.
The Rhythm of the Night: Congolese Song and Dance textvideo
“Dance like it’s the ending of the war” with an exploration of traditional and modern Congolese song and dance.
From Black Dirt to Precious Ore textphotosvideo
Dig deeper to discover more about the world’s mobile mineral: coltan.
A Multilayered Society: Congolese Clothing textphotos
Grab your pagne and adorn yourself in the rich traditions of Congolese clothing.
Your Battles on My Body textvideo
Learn about the ongoing atrocities against women in the DRC.


Engage at Arena Stage text
A FREE panel discussion series on Ruined.
Act Now textlink
Eager to make a difference? Check out our list of human right's organizations dedicated to ending the conflict in the DRC.
Resources for Ruined textlink
Learn more with our list of recommended books, CDs, and DVDs.
The Words of the Congo: A Glossary of Terms in Ruined textphotos

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