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Second Stage Theatre's production ofLet me down easy

DEC 31, 2010 – FEB 13, 2011

Extras & Insights

I like those words. I like ’em a lot. I love the imagery. I see a hand, putting me in the ground, and very gently moving away. And I like that.” – Joel Siegel

“It’s just basically – we’re not built to assume with a smile the end of our lives. Some of us will, but most of us will not.” – Eduardo Bruera

From the Wings

Real-Life Portraits: The People of Let Me Down Easy textvideophotoslink
Discover the stories of the incredible people interviewed by Anna Deavere Smith.

Asking Questions with Art: Anna Deavere Smith textphotos
Read about the life of this peerless performer and activist.
In Conversation with Anna Deavere Smith textphotos
Anna sits down with Artistic Director Molly Smith to discuss Let Me Down Easy.

Spotlight On…

Health in Contention: Opinions about Reform and Healthcare textphotoslink
Explore a sampling of the chorus of voices surrounding the healthcare debate.

An Overturned Teacup: Grief and Coping textphotos
Understand the five stages of grief and other ways of coping.
"Obama's Audience Speaks First": An Op-Ed by Anna Deavere Smith textphotoslink
An article by Smith herself, first published in The New York Times.
Opening the Levees textphotoslink
How the survivors of Hurricane Katrina are reacting to Anna Deavere Smith's questions.
Social Class and Healthcare?: A New York Times Investigation textlink
Follow the New York Times as they discover just what our class system means to your healthcare treatment.
From FDR to Obama: A Brief Timeline of Healthcare Reform in America textphotos
Follow the journey of our current healthcare system.


From Performances to Reality: Health/Care News in Your World textlink
Get informed with a constantly updated stream of healthcare news.
A Helping Hand: Resources in the D.C. Metro Area textphotoslink
How you can get involved in the Washington Area.

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American Voices

Anna Deavere Smith

“An audience brings a myriad of experiences and feelings into the theater. I think of the event as a potential chemical mix. If they respond to the characters, new doors will open inside of them. I hope that they leave thinking about what we all need to do to enhance our spiritual and physical wellness.”

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