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The Quality of Life

Extras & Insights

"We're all in the same canoe here, Baby..."
– Jeannette, The Quality of Life

In Rehearsal

Cut/Uncut textlinks
An exclusive look at a deleted scene from The Quality of Life.
The making of The Quality of Life video
A behind the scenes look at the making of The Quality of Life.
"Quality" Time with Jane phototext
Jane Anderson discusses her inspiration for the play and its exciting development since the first production.

From the Wings

Jane Anderson: Writer and Director videophototext
How Jane Anderson has made her mark in movies, TV, and theater.
New Directions with Lisa Peterson phototext
Lisa Peterson leads the way for new plays.
A "Quality" Documentary video
Clips from the show and insights from the creative team.

Spotlight On…

Grappling with Grief textlink
The characters in The Quality of Life find understanding in each other through their grief.
Free Speech Lessons at Berkeley phototext
Neil and Jeannette thrive in the liberal town of Berkeley, California.
Testaments of Faith phototext
Bill and Dinah seek comfort from the different teachings of the Christian church. Learn more about what gives each of them peace.
Uplifting Spirits phototext
Tribal masks, prayer flags, and totems are part of Neil and Jeannette's spiritual experience.
OH, California text
The two couples in The Quality of Life may come from different states with different values, but they also have some surprising similarities.
Golden State Flames videophototext
Investigate the wildfire phenomenon that plagues California.
Medical Marijuana: Puff, Puff, Passed Proposition phototext
The controversy over the legalization of medical marijuana divides the country as well as Neil and Bill.
Dinah's DIY Projects phototextlink
Dinah's handicrafts brighten up the home and they're easy to make when you follow these simple steps.
Yurt Living phototext
Neil and Jeannette take up this nomadic way of living that dates back thousands of years.
From the Dramaturg's Notebook text
Dramaturg Janine Sobeck discusses the possibility of an impossible whole.


Our Quality Library link
A list of our favorite books, videos and links.

Extras & Insights is funded, in part, by a grant from the National Endowment of the Humanities.

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