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The Fantasticks

Extras & Insights

"Try to remember, and if you remember, then follow..."
– El Gallo, The Fantasticks

In Rehearsal

Follow, Follow The Fantasticks videophototextlinks
Discover how the world's longest-running musical came to be.
Fantastick Inspiration phototext
Dig into some of the sources that inspired Schmidt and Jones in creating The Fantasticks.

From the Wings

Director in Demand: Amanda Dehnert phototext
Learn more about the life and career of this fast rising-director.
Famous Players from the Past phototext
Off-Broadway has created plenty of opportunities for some of Broadway's and Hollywood's biggest stars to play a part.
The Fantastick Jones & Schmidt text
An interview with the show's creators.
Landmark Symposium text
A roundtable with the show's original creative team.
Our Amuse-ing world phototext
The inspiration for set designer Eugene Lee and director Amanda Dehnert.
How Did You DO That??? videophototext
How illusionist designer Jim Steinmeyer continues to amaze the magic and – theater – world.

Spotlight On…

It Depends on What You Say phototext
Latin root or modern problem? Learn more about the infamous "rape" song controversy.
From the Dramaturg's Notebook phototext
Dramaturg Janine Sobeck investigates The Fantasticks' call to "remember"


More than a Musical: Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt's Other Major Works photolink
See what the music-theater team Schmidt and Jones created after The Fantasticks.
Try to Remember video
A montage of some of our favorite singers performing The Fantasticks' most memorable song.
The Fantastick Glossary videophototext
A quick reference guide to the terms, quotes and references hidden within the text.

American Voices

Amanda Dehnert

"I'm passionate about what makes us who we are. How do we learn to live, to love and to survive the beautiful and the strange things that happen to us? Within The Fantasticks, we all take this journey together starting from a time of innocence when our life is nothing more than an untraveled road. Then the road twists and turns. In one of the greatest American musicals, we come to understand that we cannot know joy without knowing pain. The Fantasticks draws across the curtain covering the human heart and tells us about how we become who we are, and how we can make a life."

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