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Stick Fly

Extras & Insights

"Damn … I'm tryin' so hard to not like you … but you're so strange, I almost can't help it."
– Cheryl, Stick Fly

From the Wings

A Diamond in the Rough photostext
Follow Lydia Diamond's journey into playwriting.
Kenny Leon: Leading the Artistic Front photostextvideo
How director Kenny Leon is one of theater and film's leading jack of all trades.
Talking Stick Fly video
The cast and crew discuss Stick Fly.

Spotlight On…

The Hidden History of Martha's Vineyard photostext
Discover the story behind the LeVay's Martha Vineyard home.
Fetching More than Water: Jack and Jill of America photostext
America's leading organization dedicated to improving the lives of African-American children.
Mixing Colors photostextlink
How our nation has traditionally viewed interracial couples - and a chance to tell your stories.
Entomology, Insects, and Stick Fly photostextlink
The science behind Taylor's fascination with flies.
To Be Young, Educated, and Black: Blacks in Higher Education photostext
A look at the strides that African-Americans have taken in formal education.
From the Dramaturg's Notebook text
Production Dramaturg Janine Sobeck takes a look at the black elite.


Stick Fly Lingo photostext

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